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Chief Global Strategist Ashraf Laidi covering the much anticipated FOMC statement

Wed, 25 Apr, 2012
5:00pm - 6:00pm

City Index Webinar

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Join City Index’ Chief Global Strategist Ashraf Laidi for a live webinar on Wednesday, April 25th, covering the much anticipated FOMC statement, due at 17:30 BST. Will the FOMC statement reveal more hawkish dissent to the prevailing view that US interest rates shall remain low into 2014? Or, will the statement reveal more of the same, in which case, may see further run-up in equities, gold and a potential sell-off in the US dollar? Ashraf will walk you through the market implications of the FOMC statement as well as the ensuing market reaction in FX, equity indices, gold and US crude oil. The webinar will start at 17:00 BST and ends at 18:00 BST